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I hired Norma last year, she started well and she showed honesty all the time.With time she changed.

She started to be unreliable and upset. One time I left extra money for the windows and she took the money and NEVER cleaned the windows despite my very polite request to do it or give me back the money. Then she started to complain and I used that to fired her because the quality of her work went to zero. She cried and apologize and I didn't have the heart to hurt them due to the endless financial problems until I got enough.

Someone enter in my house with a key but the alarm prevent the crime. So I changed my keys and asked her do not come anymore.

I honestly believe they didn't have anything to do, previous maid had my key too, but I was just feed up with her attitude and the mediocre job she was doing at the same time she was asking for more money.It is a shame, I think they are good people (she bring her Husband to work with her and he is the nicest man) but her frustrations get on the way to value the job.

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Norma Sepulveda - Worse maid - Norma Sepulvida

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We got Norma Sepulvida's name from our friend Sonya to clean our house.At 1st Norma did great job, then started to slack off.

She told me story of her son got in jail b/c of DUI, so I felt sorry for her. But after a year of using her, now we are moving and after last Monday cleaning our house, she never returned our garage opener. I called both her cell & home & left a dozen messages and she never replied. Finally I had to threaten to file police report on her for her to drop off my garage opener to our house.

I talked to my friend Sonya & found out she fired Norma a while back b/c of slacking off, and Norma never returned her house key, which made her have to change all her locks. To this day, months later, Sonya still have not received her house key back. Sonya told me Norma told her same sobbing story about her family to get Sonya's sympathy. I wonder if her son's story is even true or just a way to take advantage of clients.

Norma has a temper, an attitude, is very fiesty.

I don't want more people to be taken advantage of.She needs to be stopped now before there are more victims.

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